Now Offering High Quality Mastering to Artists in Taiwan!

Transparent Mastering has been operating in Canada since 2008 and has served domestic and international clients from all genres. However, until now Transparent Mastering was only available to English speaking clientele.

Now, Transparent Mastering is pleased to announce that it is offering the same world class analog processing to Mandarin clients in their primary language at no extra charge to the client. We have always taken great pride in keeping our rates affordable while providing extremely close attention to detail, processing with the best analog equipment, while using world class monitoring in an acoustically designed and accurate space.

Processing and Monitoring Equipment

- Dynamics-

IGS Tubecore 3U 

An all tube vari-mu style compressor. Not only does it excel at the classic soft-glue vari-mu sound, it can also add quite a bit of punch and agression to a mix when desired. Left/Right and Mid/Side modes available.

TF Pro P38ex 

The ultimate optical mastering compressor! It can achieve extremely fast and linear attack and release curves while also exhibiting the more musical and unpredictable characteristics of classic optical compressors. It also features a wet/dry knob for parallel compression.

Pendulum PL-2

A unique and ingenious circuit that provides brick wall limiting in the analog domain. Provides a more natural and dynamic result than typical plugin limiters.

Examples Before and After Mastering

Please listen to at least 20 seconds of each song

Rates and Payment

Standard Mastering  - NT$2500/song

- Includes standard and high resolution masters.

- Additional formats may incur extra charge.

2 Revisions included in price, additional revisions are NT$450 track. Instrumental, Radio Edit, and Vocals Only versions count as revisions. 

Please inquire if you need hard copies of the masters or DDP files sent directly to the CD/Viny/Cassette manufacturer.​

Turnaround times are dependent on availability. Email to inquire.

50% deposit required for jobs over NT$5000. Singles or two song projects must be paid in advance. Add 20% for rushed jobs. Subtract 15% for one month turnaround. A late payment fee of 1.25%/month may apply to late payments.


All major forms of payment accepted. Special arrangements via email.

Jon Tornblom -  Mastering Engineer and Owner

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