Hamilton's Only Dedicated Analog Mastering Studio

Hello! My name is Jon Törnblom. I've been operating Transparent Mastering since 2008. 

I have worked with Grammy winners and clients from around the world. I've done work for big commercial clients like Facebook, The British Film Institute, and Nike. I also work with  people just down the street. I have some nice gear (wanna see?) with great monitors and acoustics.  

But for me, personally, the hype isn't all that important. My buddy Glen from Sheepdog Studios calls me calls me "Your Friendly Neighbourhood Mastering Engineer." I dig that. I'd rather be called that than be known as a celebrity mastering engineer. (Is that even really a thing?)


I love people, I love music, I love mastering. I'm easy to work with, available to talk on the phone, deliver on my turnaround times, and communicate well. My favourite thing to do is to make music sound awesome, and people have told me I'm pretty good at it.


That's who I am. If I sound like who you are looking for...

Click here to send me a message.